Maintenance adivces

Writing on chalk boards and labels

We suggest you to use water removable chalk felt pens, especially those bought to use on PVC,MDF, and screen-printed surfaces. You will find a large range in our catalog. For Medium board, only use soft chalk.

Chalk-board maintenance

Every 10/15 days clean with a soft and damp cloth. In case of persistent marks, use our spray EFFACILE (ref 1906) to remove the surface.

Label maintenance

To keep a long lasting brightness to your price tags, dip into luke warm water with a neutral detergent (PH.7) suitable for foods contact such as washing up liquid. Be carefull, don’t use to hot water which would damage the price tags and fix the foods residues. Brush with a soft bristle brush (dishes brush and rince copiously with clear water and let drain.

Wooden easels, boards, menu cases, ...

Oiled wood

Keep in good condition by applying regularly teck oil with a brush

Colored and varnished wood

Renew the protection with a coat of polyethurane varnish (apply with a brush).

Painted or lazured, stained wood

Renew easily by painting the colour you wish but take care, have a outdoor-use paint.

For articles produced by BEQUET, use only cleaning products and BEQUET accessories.