Advices of uses and maintenance BEQUET's products - Bequet

Advises of use
Writing and cleansing of chalkboard and label:

We recommend you to use felt-pens to write on PVC, expanded PVC, composite material (gloss black painted) chalkboard supports and removable with a damp cloth.

 For items of the MEDIUM ranges use only a soft chalk.

Clean chalkboard and label

Clean regularly your panel or tags every 10/15 days with a damp soft cloth. In case of persistent shadows, use our EFFACILE spray (ref 1906) to renovate the surface.


Cleansing of tags and pricing-labels

To preserve durably all the brightness of your labels and tags, we recommend you to dip them into a warm water added with  a food detergent product (neutral PH7) like a wash liquid. Use luke warm and not boiling water, the thermal shock would damage the labels and would fix food remnants. , clean with a gentle brush. Rinse abundantly and let dry.

Maintenance of wooden frame easel, panels, menu holders…

Oiled wood: maintain regularly with some oil of teak (application with a paintbrush)

Colored wood varnish: to renew the protection by a layer of polyurethane varnish with a paintbrush)

Colored or stained painted wood: renew paints according to your wishes. Use paints for outdoor uses.